Privatization is Profit > Service

Because MRT, LRT-1, LRT-2 and the PNR would increase rates next year (4 Jan, 2014), the small talk among oblivious citizens would be:

“let’s hope they privatize the railway system, para better service and even allow ‘FOREIGN’ companies to take over all public assets.” (followers of and people of Libertarian leaning know this….)

to which I answer
In our country, ALL petrol companies are foreign
SHELL is Dutch
PTT is Malaysian
Petron is Malaysian
Caltex is American
Total is French
USA 88 (and most of their products) is American

So far, petrol prices are deregulated (courtesy of Pres. Fidel Ramos) and for those libertarians and right-wing conservative wackos who believe that a deregulated economy is better for the consumer then you’re totally wrong. Petrol prices are low to-day because of some circumstances in the World Market and the recent policies of Arab authorities removing the quota in Oil production and the increase of Fracking activities in the US. It means that oil prices are at the mercy of the market and the laws of the market are not neutral but are controlled by a select few who control the company who run it according to their interest and not some external circumstances. It means that somebody controls the market and not some “invisible hand” which also means petrol prices are at the mercy of a select few which do not act according to the interests of the consumer.

but you’ll say
The rail way system is different. It is not dependent on the production of oil but in providing services.

Trains are huge investments which costs billions of pesos and dollars to make and maintain. Furthermore, the market value of trains, inflation rate, and the increasing amount of people using the trains means the companies have to think of two things at the same time: provide service and make profit. So far, knowing capitalists it is always profit > service. For that reason, companies would raise rates and if the economy is deregulated the rich capitalists would get richer at the expense of the proletariat who pays more.

Hence, privatization only works for profiteers who suck the blood off the working class while they live in their swank subdivisions and condos, sipping champagnes while the worker toils.

There seems to be a lack of optimism with some of our countrymen that they simply succumb to the very policy that will assure hardship. In this rough times, the only solution is to dream, dream and dream some more. The triumph of global capitalism is simply the perversion of the dream and replaced it with a conformist realism, masked under the wisdom of prudence, patience and so on. Thus, I can only quote Slavoj Zizek

let’s be realists, let’s demand the impossible


Privatization is Profit > Service

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